The Center for Trauma Support Services (CTSS) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization founded to address the needs of trauma survivors. We aim to serve victims/survivors of both reported and unreported crime with services that restore safety and create connections. Placing the victim/survivor at the center of our attention, we listen with care to address any experiences of isolation and distress. We provide important support services and provide referrals as needed.

We are unique in that our agency responds to victim/survivor needs without regard to type of crime, or if the crime has been reported, whether it has just happened or it is twenty years later.

We work in coordination with both criminal justice system and restorative justice system resources, in full recognition of the difficulties of meeting victim needs when they are tied to and dependent upon the identification, prosecution or conviction of a perpetrator.




Provide comprehensive support services to trauma survivors and their families, particularly victims of both reported and unreported crime, as well as to professionals who work with survivors of trauma.  




A community that recognizes the needs of crime victims, whether or not there is an identified offender, and provides services that allow them to recover from trauma and regain a sense of well being in life at any time.




  • We educate and empower victims/survivors to experience well-being

  • We recognize the involuntary relationship created between a victim/survivor and offender when crime is committed

  • Our goal is to lessen the experience of shame and isolation common to those affected by crime

  • Our focus is to keep services centered on victim/survivor needs

  • We are interested in fostering healing and transformation regardless of when the crime was committed

  • Through deep listening and compassionate action we hope to increase recognition of how crime survivors experience the criminal justice system

  • We are inspired to expand the definition of justice and how it can be experienced

  • We believe that it is important to increase true accountability in those that have harmed others – and that this contributes to everyone’s well-being and safety in the community

  • Our purpose is to increase safety in the community by humanizing those impacted by crime