We know it can be very difficult to be alongside our loved ones who have experienced harm. We also know how important it is that crime survivors be responded to with as much care and support as possible.  In order to provide this we know you need care and support as well.


CTSS offers programs and services for family members to be able to provide support for crime survivors.  We recognize that there is no one way to heal/recover from trauma and that there needs to be comprehensive approaches offered over time.   As trauma specialists we offer:

  • Education/information on trauma – thereby creating “trauma-informed” crime survivors
  • Trauma Support Coaching
  • Victim-Centered Offender-Sensitive Facilitated Dialogue


Our trauma support provides a caring relationship that offers education and wellness skills that reduce the feelings of helplessness and powerlessness that are the core injury in experiencing trauma.  Through our programs families of crime survivors will learn to recognize what is a traumatic trigger  (the mind and body’s way of saying that the harm that was done might deserve a little more attention and care), the impact on the nervous system, and how to apply specific tools to experience well being once again.  

CTSS has developed the curriculum and administers a training that provides specific wellness skills that empower and build resiliency in survivors.  This training incorporates Dr. Zinkin’s research and experience, with some of the skills of the Community Resiliency Model developed by the Trauma Resource Institute in California.


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